Technology start-up

Technology start-up

We developed a patent portfolio for a start-up oil and gas business, supporting an ambitious exit plan and adding significant value to the business when sold. 


A start-up technology company developed a suite of tools for the oil and gas industry.  The owners had an ambitious plan to exit the business within 2 to 3 years.  Our client recognised that a patent portfolio would add to the sales proposition, but funds were limited and revenue streams were not yet developed.

What we did

We developed and implemented an IP strategy which was tuned to the owners’ exit plans.  

IP relating to a large number of projects was captured and recorded. Patent filing projects were carefully prioritised. Filing strategies were chosen which balanced expediting patent applications and deferring costs until after the post-exit period. Importantly, the strategy kept open filing options in territories likely to be of interest to potential purchasers.

Activities included:

  • Fully managing the company’s IP portfolio
  • Establishing in-house IP records
  • Managing shared resources for task management and instructions
  • Patent drafting, filing and prosecution
  • Trade mark filing and prosecution
  • Competitor watching and patent tracking


The owners’ objectives were achieved when a trade sale of the business was completed two years from start-up.  The client was fully prepared for IP due diligence, and a significant proportion of the company’s value was attributed to its patent assets.

How we can help you

  • We can help you define an IP strategy in line with your business growth and exit plans
  • We can secure an IP portfolio that builds value in a business in a relatively short time
  • Our range of IP services allows us to effectively implement the strategies you choose
  • We understand the support and service requirements of start-ups and SMEs