International services

We manage our clients’ international IP interests from our UK headquarters through a global network of trusted associates, and we deliver exceptional levels of service to clients of overseas law firms.

International portfolios

Our domestic and overseas clients rely on us to manage their international portfolios of IP rights, and over time we have developed a trusted network of associates. Our relationships have been built on quality, reliability and value.  We do not rely on reciprocal agreements with overseas firms. That means we can always select the most appropriate advisor for any particular project.

For more information about how we handle international IP portfolios, please contact us.

Representing your clients

Our in-depth understanding of the workings of the UK and European patent and trade mark authorities allows us to provide exceptional levels of service to clients of our overseas associates. 

We welcome enquiries from IP attorneys from all parts of the world. Please contact us for details of our agency services.

International services at Lincoln IP